04 Aug 2020


We are among the few groups able to propose a comprehensive offer for the detergents sector with a broad range of packaging solutions including polyethylene single-layer, two- and three-layer laminated film. Our multi-layer coextrusion lines (up to 7 layers) allow us to produce highly resistant film in PE, which, even with minimal thickness, ensures high packaging performance, guaranteeing excellent mechanical resistance against breaks and tears and perfect sealability also in the presence of powdery products, and excellent mechanical resistance to punctures and tears. We produce prints in up to 10 colours in flexo and rotogravure, which thanks to our attention to detail and continuous technological innovation, allows us to satisfy and guarantee the highest quality standards over time. Our latest generation lamination lines guarantee the perfect sealing and integrity of the layers making up the packaging, ensuring the excellent preservation of the product and maintaining the integrity of the packaging.